American Academy for Certified Financial Litigators

“Dedicated to Enhancing the Legal Profession through Advanced Financial Education”


“Dedicated to Enhancing the Legal Profession through Advanced Financial Education”


“Dedicated to Enhancing the Legal Profession through Advanced Financial Education”

Educating the nation's top divorce professionals

Gain a competitive edge with our Certified Financial Litigator, Certified Divorce Financial Paralegal, and Financial Dispute Resolution Programs

Promoting Efficiency
in Financial Litigation

 Reduce unnecessary litigation in the courts involving financial matters pertinent to  family law practice

Strengthening the
family law Community

Join our collaborative network of attorneys, judges, mediators, paralegals and law students dedicated to improving the legal community

welcome to The American academy for certified financial litigators (Aacfl)

Advanced divorce financial education has become increasingly complex and imperitive in achieving favorable outcomes for clients and the judiciary alike. TO MEET THESE CHALLENGES, WE'VE CREATED A MEMBER ASSOCIATION WHERE PROFESSIONALS CAN LEARN, connect AND ENHANCE THEIR VALUE PROPOSITION.

The AACFL provides its member firms with customized training in the financial aspects of litigation including accounting, taxation, investments, valuation, forensics and compensation. The CFL™ is a financial education award granted by the organization to select practitioners who have received this high level training and passed the CFL™ examination. The AACFL does not certify lawyers in an area of law or legal specialization, rather it provides innovative financial education.  Our mission consists of three main pillars:

Educating the Nation’s Top Divorce Professionals – Our curriculum is designed to provide divorce legal practitioners, mediators and paralegals with the information they need to increase their level of practice. Designed and taught by experts in various fields, the AACFL is uniquely qualified to provide its members with customized and relevant training.

Promoting Efficiency in Litigation – One of our primary missions is to reduce unnecessary litigation involving financial matters. Through education, our goal is to reduce the need for court intervention in financial matters resulting in a more efficient litigation process.

Strengthening the Family Law Community – We’ve grown a collaborative network of practitioners willing to mentor other attorneys. This goal, combined with our pledge to sponsor charitable causes in the legal community, has resulted in an organization dedicated to supporting its membership nationwide.

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The primary mission of the AACFL is to serve the community through its many programs. How is this accomplished? By promoting greater awareness and education to attorneys on the financial aspects of litigation. One end result will be a reduction in the need for court time or avoiding litigation altogether. A reduction in court time needed for these issues will reduce the work load of the courts allowing the justices to focus their valuable time more pressing matters. Other end results will include a way for the public to more easily distinguish the lawyers who have had advanced training, a more efficient process for the parties, and mentoring among lawyers and judges to create a more cooperative legal community.