AACFL Financial Dispute Resolution for Divorce

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Resolving financial disputes for divorce out of court is on the rise. The intersection of mediation skills and divorce financial training is a powerful combination. Whether you are an experienced mediator, financial professional, attorney or other practitioner engaged in financial dispute resolution, this training program will give you the skills you need. Our award is a mark of distinction indicating advanced training that will benefit your clients by helping you guide them to optimal financial resolutions.

The Essentials

Effective document requests / Effective financial data management / Truly understanding tax returns / Deciphering Schedule K-1 for Support the Right Way


Executive compensation / Property division strategies / Spousal support strategies / Business Valuation / RSUs, PSUs, and other income trends

Major League

Avoid common mistakes in divorce financial dispute resolution / Adjustments needed to financial documents / Learn the ways spouses hide money / Cross examining financial experts / Navigate financial issues when your expert isn’t present 

You can expect to learn about these important financial topics

  • Accounting for Divorce Financial Dispute Resolution Professionals
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • The Anatomy of Tax Returns and Tax Documents
  • Taxation
  • Tax Return Analysis
  • Understanding Investments
  • Compensation Issues
  • Business Valuation
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Economic Analysis for Divorce Financial Dispute Resolution Professionals
  • Income Available for Support Purposes
  • Lost Profits and Lost Wages
  • How to Cross Examine a Financial Expert
  • Preparing Targeted Document Requests for Financial Data

About the Certified Financial Dispute Certification Program

Whether your engagement is related to a divorce, a shareholder dispute, a damages claim, or other types of litigation, chances are that a significant part of your work relates to money. Surprisingly, many law schools do not offer extensive training in finance, accounting, and economics.  The Certified Financial Dispute Certification Program fills this void. The Certified Financial Dispute Certification Program covers a wide range of topics such as tax returns, financial statements, business tax returns, income support calculations, investments, business valuations, and much more. While the program was built specifically to promote greater awareness and education for attorneys on financial concepts related to litigation, it offers significant value to attorneys who don’t find themselves in court frequently.

The Certified Financial Dispute Certification Program was developed exclusively by the AACFL faculty, including experts in their fields. The faculty and curriculum developers consist of Attorneys, CPAs, CFAs, MBAs, PhDs, and other talented experts. All participants will receive the course materials, reference materials, practice aids, practice checklists, and financial analysis resources. The AACFL’s approach to training is interactive and is based on class exercises followed by discussion.