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The Chicago chapter of the AACFL is an organization of elite attorneys dedicated to excellence in the financial aspects of litigation. Membership indicates a significant commitment to the community by improving the efficiency of the court system through advanced financial education for attorneys. Additional benefits include greater efficiencies for their clients, effective financial strategies, and reductions in avoidable court time. The primary mission of the AACFL is to serve the public by establishing a community of lawyers committed to optimizing financial results for their clients.

Meet Your Chicago Advisory Board

Michael Strauss – Schlesinger & Strauss, LLC

Michone Riewer – Strategic Divorce

Thomas Field – Beermann LLP

Michael Koenigsberger – DWK – Dussias Wittenberg Koenigsberger LLP

Bruce Richman – Mazars USA

Burton Hochberg – Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP

Will Stogsdill – The Stogsdill Law Firm, P.C.

Laura Baluch – Barrick, Switzer, Long, Balsley, & Van Evera LLP

Judd Fineberg – DWK Dussias Wittenberg Koenigsberger LLP

Featured Member benefits

Certified Financial Lititgator (CFL™) training

Certified divorce
Financial Paralegal training

Certified divorce financial dispute resolution training

Learn More About the CFL™ Training Program

The CFL™ training program provides advanced education to attorneys through live courses, member events, and a wide range of training resources and practice tools. The Exam provides independent, unbiased testing of an attorney’s skill in financial areas. The designation indicates completion of the training curriculum, success in passing the CFL™ exam, and is the AACFL’s highest mark of distinction for an attorney.

Many cases require an attorney who is sophisticated in financial matters. Whether a case is a divorce, a shareholder dispute, a damages claim, or other type of litigation, chances are that a significant part of the litigation relates to money. Surprisingly, many lawyers are not required to be trained in these areas. A common path for a lawyer is a liberal arts undergraduate education followed by law school resulting in minimal training in financial areas other than from occasional seminars. AACFL members can receive unique training in financial areas that could make a significant difference in both the outcome of a case and in the efficiency with which it is handled.

Membership is available to attorneys who are dedicated to the AACFL mission of enhancing the legal system through our programs and to being on the “cutting edge” of financial strategies.

For the individuals in need of an attorney with sophistication in financial matters, we encourage you to visit our national website and learn about the benefits of working with an AACFL member today.